Divvy’s spend Insights page lets you see and review your company spending in real time. This helps keep you on top of abnormal spend, keep your team accountable, and can help forecast future spending. Here’s how to get the most out of your new page.

Company Spend Graph

  1. This drop down lets you select the time period you wish to view. You’re able to view your company spend for this month, the last 12 months, all time, and this year to date segmented monthly or quarterly.

  2. You can filter your spend view by budget, card, users, merchants, or custom categories you have created. Any applied filters will show up as tiles below the filter button. Simply click the X when you’re ready to remove them.

  3. Totals for the number of transactions and spend show here.

  4. Hover over any bar on the graph for a detailed summary of what you’re looking at.

NOTE: Any filters or time period changes you make here will affect the data throughout the rest of the page.

Top Spend Summaries

This table shows the top spending budgets, merchants, users, and more. Use this as a snapshot to see where you’re spending the most money.

This table is dynamic and will adjust to whatever filters you have chosen at the top of the page.

  1. Clicking this tab lets you see the top ten spending budgets.

  2. This tab lets you see a list of the ten merchants where you spent the most money.

  3. This tab shows you the top ten highest spending users in your company.

  4. This allows you to add additional top ten views.

  5. This column displays the name of the budget, merchant, spender, category, etc.

  6. This column shows the total spend for the line.

  7. This column shows the percentage of the spend that this line accounts for. For example, if we’re filtering to this month, this shows that the Amazon budget accounts for 61% of the total spend for this month.

  8. This column shows the number of transactions within that line. For example, there were 452 transactions in the Amazon budget this month.

  9. While the table will only show you the top ten in any group, use this download button to access the full list of data for any given table you’re looking at.

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