Divvy’s spend Insights page lets you see and review your company spending in real time. This helps keep you on top of abnormal spend, keep your team accountable, and can help forecast future spending. Here’s how to get the most out of your new page.

You can also view a separate Insights page that includes your personal spending information.

Web Browser

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Open Insights Page

To view the Insights page on a web browser, click the Company link in the Navigation Menu [1]. Then click the Insights link [2].

Open Insights - Web

The Insights page is divided into the Company Spend Graph and Company Spend Summaries.

Company Spend Graph

You can modify the information displayed in the Company Spend Graph by date and filters.

  1. To select the time period you wish to view, click the Time drop-down menu [1]. You can view your company spend for this month [2], the last 12 months [3], this year [4], or all time [5].

  2. To select a custom date range, click the Custom button [6].

3. To filter your spend view, click the Add Filter button [2]. You can filter by budget [2], card [3], users [4], merchants [5], or custom categories you have created [6]. Any applied filters will show up as tiles below the filter button. To remove a filter, click the Remove icon next to the filter.

4. The graph displays the total amount spent and number of transactions for the time period [1].

5. If you selected the This Year date filter, you can view quarterly spend data by clicking the View By Quarter toggle button [2].

6. To compare insights from the current time period to the last time period, click the Compare toggle button [3]. For example, if you are viewing data from this year, you can compare that data to data from the previous year.

7. To view a detailed summary of Insights data, hover over any bar on the graph [4].

Note: Any filters or time period changes you make in the Company Spend Graph will affect the data throughout the rest of the page.

Top Spend Summaries

This table shows the top spending budgets, merchants, users, and more. Use this as a snapshot to see where you’re spending the most money.

This table is dynamic and will adjust to whatever filters you have chosen in the Spend Graph.

Spend Summaries

To view your top ten spending budgets, click the Budgets tab [1]. To view a list of the ten merchants where you spent the most money, cluck the Merchants tab [2]. To view the top ten highest spending users in your company, click the Spenders tab [3]. To add additional tabs based on custom fields in your account, click the Add tab link [4].

The Spend Summaries table displays the name of the budget, merchant, spender, category, etc [5], spend amount [6], and the percentage of the total spend [7]. For example, if you have filtered the Insights to the current month, a percentage of 14% would indicate 14% of the total spend for that month. The table also displays the total number of transactions for the selected item [7].

To download the full list of data for the table you are viewing, click the Download icon [8].

Share Insights Report

To share a report of your company Insights page, click the Share button.

Share Insights

Mobile App

Open Insights Page

In the Divvy Navigation Bar, tap the Insights icon [1]. If the Insights icon is not in your Navigation Bar, tap the More icon [2], then tap the Insights link [3].

View Insights Page

The Insights page displays data for budgets and spending in your account. You can filter the Insights page by current month to date [1], last 12 months [2], or all time [3].

The Insights page displays the total spend amount [4], a spend graph [5], and the top budgets for the time period selected [6].

To view details for a budget, tap the name of the budget [7].

View Insights Page

View Budget Insights

The Budget Insights page displays the spend amount for that budget [1] and the top merchants within the budget [2]. All spend amounts reflect the time period filter selected on the main Insights page.

To open the budget, tap the View budget link [3].

View Budget Insights

View Insight Settings

  1. To view Insights settings, tap the Settings icon.

Open Insight Settings

2. From the Settings page, you can filter your Insights page by budgets [1], cards [2], merchants [3], and custom fields [4].

3. To apply your selected settings, tap the Apply link [5].

View Insight Settings

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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