In recent years, phishing attacks have become more common due to increases in employees working remotely in companies throughout the US. Phishing attacks can take the form of malicious links in emails sent to employees that, once clicked, install malicious software on a company device. Or, more recently, fraudsters have started directing users to spoofed websites by emailing them links or paying for ads in search engines to try and steal credentials from unsuspecting employees so that they can access sensitive data or systems.

To help protect against these types of phishing and other forms of attacks, Divvy has built out a device verification flow that utilizes 3-factor authentication (3FA).

This article explains how to verify a device using Divvy on a web browser. Learn how device verification works on a mobile device.


For a quick overview on 3FA, view the video below.

Web Browser Device Verification Steps

1. After logging in and passing MFA, you will be presented with the following page that asks you to check your email and verify your device.

Verify Web Browser

2. To confirm the device you are currently using, open the verification email and click the Verify Device button.


  • Make sure you are using the same device and browser to check your email that you just attempted to log in with and that you open your email within 15 minutes.

  • If clicking the Verify Device button does not open Divvy in your browser, right click the Verify Device button and select the Copy Link Address option. Then paste the link in your browser, which will redirect you to Divvy.

Verify Device Email

3. If your device is successfully verified, you will see a Remember this device page.

Click the Remember Device button if the device you are using is a private device or the One-time Login button if the device you are using is public or only being used this one time.

Remember Device

Note: Selecting the Remember Device option will make it so you do not get challenged again for up to one year. Please note that new browsers, computer updates, or clearing cache and cookies can affect this status, prompting you to verify your device again.

Errors and Troubleshooting

Error Text


How do I resolve this issue?

“Your link has expired or has been redeemed”

The Verify Device link is no longer valid because it expired or you have already used it.

1. If the Verify Your Device email is over 15 minutes old, try logging in again to get a new unexpired email.

2. If you keep seeing this error try clearing your cache and cookies (Google/Firefox/Safari) and logging in again to get a new email.

“Verification failed”

This error likely means you were not using the same device and browser to verify your device.

For example, if you are logging in on the web, you may have clicked the link on mobile.

Please try logging in again on a non-incognito window while using the same device and browser.

“Something went wrong”

This generic error means something went wrong trying to verify your device.

Please try logging in again on a non-incognito window while using the same device and browser.


I am not receiving device verification emails. What can I do?

If you are not receiving device verification emails, please try the following:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome if logging in on the web

  • Talk to your Divvy admin and make sure you are logging into your account with the correct username

  • Check Spam and Trash in your email inbox to make sure the message titled “Verify this device” from Divvy isn’t being filtered

  • Clear your cache and cookies and try logging in again

  • Check with your IT team to make sure they are not blocking emails from [email protected] or emails with the Divvy domain

If these steps do not resolve the problem, please reach out to our Support team.

How often will I need to verify my devices?

In most cases, you will only need to verify a new device once per year. However, if you get a new device, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, or use an incognito window, you may have to verify your device again.

Also, make sure your browser is allowing cookies from the Divvy website. If not, talk to your IT team for assistance.

I have to verify my device on every login even when I click “remember this device.” How can I resolve this issue?

Make sure your browser is not blocking cookies. Learn how to allow cookies in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

I have a default browser that is automatically opening device verification links even when logging in with another browser. How can I resolve this issue?

Copy the URL in the device verification email and paste it into a new tab in the same browser where you are trying to log in.

Is device verification required on all Divvy accounts?

Yes, in order to protect your account from unauthorized access. As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

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