Every transaction made with a Divvy physical or virtual card includes a status tag that displays when using Divvy in a web browser or the Divvy mobile app. These status tags provide valuable insights about a transaction and may indicate items that need to be completed by a spender, budget owner, or administrator.

This lesson describes how to find the status of a transaction in a web browser or the Divvy mobile app and includes a brief description for each transaction status.

Find Transaction Status

Status Definitions

Find Transaction Status

Web Browser

  1. In the Navigation Menu, click the Transactions link.

Open Transactions

2. The status tag for each transaction displays in the Status column.

View Statuses

Mobile App

  1. In the Divvy Navigation Bar, tap the Transactions icon [1]. If the Transactions icon is not in your Navigation Bar, tap the More icon [2], then tap the Transactions link [3].

    Open Transactions - Mobile

2. Status tags display next to each transaction.

View Transaction Statuses

Status Definitions

Admin Approval

Transaction has been approved by a budget owner or manager but still needs approval from an administrator.

Learn about approving transactions.


Transaction has been approved by the budget owner and/or administrator.


Transaction includes custom fields that have all been completed.


Transaction has been denied by a budget owner or admin has denied the transaction. They may have determined that it was not a valid business expense, it was added to the wrong budget, or it was categorized incorrectly.

Spenders can make the proper adjustments to the transaction and resubmit for approval.


Transaction has been disputed by a spender for suspected fraudulent or delinquent activity. Once a transaction has been disputed and displays the Disputed label, the transaction cannot be disputed again.

Disputed Update

Transaction is a credit or debit related to a disputed transaction.


Transaction is missing required information, such as required fields, transaction category, or receipt attachment.

Spenders can complete the required fields from the Transaction Details page. Once the required fields have been updated and receipts uploaded, the transaction will be marked as complete. Learn about completing transactions.

Needs Approval

Transaction includes all required information, such as required fields or receipt attachments, but needs approval from a budget owner or manager.

Learn about approving transactions.


Transaction charges have not been processed by the merchant. Merchants have six days to pull the funds from your card. If they have not pulled the funds after six days, the transaction will drop. Once the charge is fully processed the status will update.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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