If your account administrator has enabled reimbursements, you can submit reimbursement requests from your web browser or the mobile app. In order to receive funds from these requests, you may need to have a bank account linked to your Divvy account. Follow the steps below to learn how to link a bank account in a web browser or the Divvy mobile app.

Note: You only need to link a bank account if your organization has enabled reimbursements with ACH payments.


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  1. In the Navigation Menu, click your username.

2. Click the Settings tab [1]. Then click the Link Bank Account button [2].

3. Enter the details for your bank account.

In the Account Type drop-down menu, select if your account is a checking or savings account [1].

Enter your routing number in the Routing Number field [2]. Enter your account number in the Account Number field [3] and Confirm Account Number field [4].

Divvy only supports bank accounts based in the United States. If your account is based in the United States, leave the My account is not based in the United States checkbox unchecked [5].

To link your bank account to Divvy, click the Link Bank Account button [6].

4. Your added bank account displays in the Settings tab.

To change your linked bank account, click the Change link [1]. To remove the bank account, click the Remove link [2].


  1. Click your Profile icon.

2. Click the Link bank account link. Then follow the prompts to enter your account information.

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