From your account settings, you can manage if reimbursements are available in your account and how reimbursements are calculated and paid.

Learn how to manage reimbursement approval settings.

Web Browser

  1. In the Navigation Menu, click the Settings link [1]. Then click the Reimbursements link [2].

Open Reimbursement Settings

2. To enable reimbursements in your account, click the On button [1]. This will allow users to submit reimbursement requests.

To turn off reimbursements in your account, click the Off button [2]. You will still be able to view and manage existing requests, but users cannot submit new requests.

Turn Reimbursements On or Off

3. To enable ACH payments for reimbursements, click the On button [1]. This will require users to link a bank account in order to receive funds from approved reimbursements.

To turn off ACH payments for reimbursements, click the Off button [2]. If ACH payments are turned off, you will need to manually manage payments for reimbursements approved in Divvy.

ACH Settings

4. When users submit a request for mileage reimbursement, the dollar amount will calculate automatically based on the mileage rate selected in your account’s settings.

To use the IRS standard rate, click the IRS standard rate button [1]. To use a custom rate, click the Custom rate button [2]. Then enter the rate you want to use.

Note: For 2022, the mileage rate for January to June is $0.585 per mile and the rate for July to December if $0.625 per mile.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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