If you have mapped a custom field to your accounting software, you can view mapped field options from the Transactions page. You can also remove unmapped options so spenders do not select these options when they categorize their transactions.

  1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, click the Settings link [1]. Then select the Custom fields option [2].

2. Click the name of the custom field mapped to your accounting integration [1]. To find a custom field, enter the name in the Search field [2].

Select Custom Field

3. Click the Option Settings menu.

Edit Field Setting

4. View all the field options for the custom field. Any option that is mapped to your accounting software displays a Lock icon and cannot be removed [1].

5. To remove an unmapped option, click the Remove icon [2]. Removing an unmapped option ensures that the option cannot be selected when spenders categorize their transactions.

Remove Unmapped Field Option

6. To return to the Edit field menu and save your changes, click the Back icon [1]. To reset your changes, click the Reset button [2].

Return or Reset

7. To save your changes, click the Update Field button.

Update Field Button

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