As a Divvy admin, you can set up Low Balance Auto Pay to help prevent declines if you've reached your credit line. Automatic payments are made from your primary bank account. Learn how to update your banking information.

This feature works by selecting the amount you want to automatically pay and the threshold that would trigger that payment. For example, if you select $500 as your threshold and $1,000 as your automatic payment amount, $1,000 will automatically be withdrawn from your primary bank account to pay your balance when your available credit line reaches $500.

Note: You can only manage low balance autopay from a web browser.

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Open Payment Settings

From a web browser, click the Settings link in the Divvy Navigation menu [1]. Then click the Payments link [2].

Open Payment Settings

Configure Low Balance Autopay

1. In the Low balance autopay section [1], click the Configure button [2].

Configure Low Balance Autopay

2. In the Automatic Payment Amount field, enter the amount you would like to have withdrawn from your primary bank account when an automatic payment is triggered [1].

3. In the Low Balance Threshold field, enter the available credit amount that will trigger an automatic payment [2]. For example, if you enter $100 as the low balance threshold, your automatic payment will be withdrawn from your account when your available credit reaches $100.

4. Before saving your autopay settings, view the bank account that will be used for your automatic payments [3]. Low balance autopay uses your primary bank account. Learn more about managing bank accounts.

5. To save your autopay settings, click the Save button [4].

Set Up Low Balance Autopay

Edit Low Balance Autopay

1. The Low balance autopay section displays how much will be withdrawn to pay your balance when your credit line reaches the desired threshold [1].

2. To edit your settings, click the Edit link [2].

Open Low Balance Autopay Settings

3. When editing your autopay settings, you can edit the Automatic Payment and Low Balance Threshold amounts [1].

4. To turn off low balance autopay, click the Low Balance Autopay toggle button [2].

5. To save your changes, click the Save button [3].

Edit Low Balance Autopay

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