We use industry leaders to facilitate the connection of bank accounts on Divvy, ensuring the highest levels of security.

How is Divvy going to use my banking information?

Divvy uses your banking information for underwriting purposes, to verify your account and so you can make payments to Divvy.

Who will have access to it?

Your banking information is secure, and only available to a small number of Divvy employees who need access to that information to support your account.

How can I be sure the information Divvy collects through this connection will not get lost/stolen?

Divvy uses the industry's top providers to establish and maintain connection to your bank account. These providers follow data security best practices in safeguarding your account information.

How will my data be secured?

Divvy encrypts data in transit and at rest.

Is access to the bank account secure?

Yes, Divvy uses the industry's top providers to establish and maintain connection to your bank account. These providers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the latest encryption (AES 256) to encrypt data at rest and in transit. They also undergo regular audits and stress testing to ensure security exceeds industry standards.

What Compliance guidelines do you follow to secure my data?

Divvy complies with the FFIEC Interagency Guidance on Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment and Internet Security Standards. This guidance is predominately focused on Internet banking delivery channels and privacy but is applicable to all types of electronic transactions.

Why does underwriting need this?

Divvy’s small business customers are often looking for a more technology forward partner than typical credit card companies. In addition to standard underwriting methods, we also use alternative underwriting methods such as cash balance, or bank history, to underwrite fast growing or otherwise cash rich organizations.

How long will they [underwriting] have access to my information?

Divvy will continue to monitor your bank account for the duration of our relationship. This allows us to continue to provide an appropriate credit line based on your company’s cash balance over time.

Can I delete the connection anytime after I get my increase?

You can remove your bank connection at any time, but if your account is cash underwritten that will likely result in your credit line being reduced or frozen entirely.

What happens if my bank balance changes?

As changes occur in your cash balance, our overall portfolio, or market conditions, we will make adjustments to credit lines as appropriate. Changes we make may be informed by a number of factors, including public information (D&B, Experian, Giact, etc.) as well as our own customer specific information (payment history, delinquency, spend trends, and cash balance).

To learn more about how we connect to your bank account using processors like Plaid and MX, reach out to your account executive.

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