If you want to create a new merchant rule that includes many of the same settings as a merchant rule you previously created, you can easily clone an existing merchant role. This lesson describes how to clone a merchant role from a web browser.


  • You cannot clone budget rules.

  • This article is about duplicating merchant rules in Divvy. If you are looking for information on merchant controls, view this article.

Web Browser

  1. In the Navigation Menu, click the Settings link [1]. Then click the Transactions link [2].

Open Transaction Settings

2. Locate the Automation Rules section [1]. Then click the View link [2].

View Automation Rules

3. Click the Merchant Rules tab.

Open Merchant Rules

4. Find the merchant rule you want to clone [1]. Click the Options icon for that rule [2] and select the Clone rule option [3].

Clone Rule

5. Enter details for the merchant rule [1]. To create the new rule, click the Clone button [2].

Edit Rule Details

6. View your new merchant rule.

View New Rule

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