If you want to create a new merchant rule that includes many of the same settings as a merchant rule you previously created, you can easily clone an existing merchant role. This lesson describes how to clone a merchant role from a web browser.

Note: You cannot clone budget rules.


  1. In the Navigation Menu, click the Settings link [1]. Then click the Transactions link [2].

Open Transaction Settings

2. Locate the Automation Rules section [1]. Then click the View link [2].

View Automation Rules

3. Click the Merchant Rules tab.

Open Merchant Rules

4. Find the merchant rule you want to clone [1]. Click the Options icon for that rule [2] and select the Clone rule option [3].

Clone Rule

5. Enter details for the merchant rule [1]. To create the new rule, click the Clone button [2].

Edit Rule Details

6. View your new merchant rule.

View New Rule
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