As an admin, you can copy a budget from a web browser or the Divvy mobile app. Copied budgets will retain the settings from the original budget, including the budget limit and roster. You can give the budget a unique name and select the reset period and expiration. The budget limit, roster, and other settings cannot be edited upon creation but can be edited later.


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  1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, click the Budgets link.

Open Budgets

2. Click the budget you want to copy.

3. You can also copy the budget from the budget page. Click the Options icon [1] and click the Copy Budget link [2].

4. When copying a budget, you can edit certain details and settings, including budget name [1], reset period [2], and expiration date [3]. Other details and settings, such as budget limit budget owners and members, cannot be edited when the budget is initially copied. You can edit these settings after the budget is copied.

5. To apply the original budget's spending settings to the copied budget, click the Restore Budget Member Spend Ability button [4].

6. To create your copied budget, click the Create Budget button.

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