If you are interested in applying for Divvy, you can use this article to learn more about the application process and the information you will need to include in your application. Learn more about the eligibility requirements for Divvy’s credit application.

Note: You can submit a Divvy credit application from a web browser or mobile device. The images in this article display the submission process from a web browser.

Table of Contents

Open & Begin Application

  1. In a web or mobile browser, open the Divvy website.

  2. Click the Sign Up button.

Sign Up Button

3. Enter your business email address in the Business Email field [1]. Then click the Next button [2].

Enter Email Address

4. Answer a few questions to determine if Divvy is a good fit for your business. Questions include how long you have been in business [1], annual company revenue [2], current cash balance [3], and estimated personal credit score of the authorized signer [4].

Note: The authorized signer is the person responsible for signing the credit application.

5. Click the Next button.

Complete Application Questions

6a. Your answers may determine that Divvy is a good fit for your business. To begin the application process, click the Start Credit Application button.

Start Application

6b. Your answers may determine that it is unlikely Divvy is a good fit for your business. If you still want to try the application process, click the Apply for Divvy anyways link.

Enter Contact & Business Information

  1. Enter your first name [1], last name [2], mobile phone number [3], and business email address [4]. Make sure you have access to the email address so you can access the inbox as you progress through the application.

  2. Enter the legal name of your business [5] and number of full-time employees [6].

  3. In the Entity Type drop-down menu, select the entity that best matches your business [7]. In the Industry drop-down menu, select the industry that best matches your business [8].

  4. Click the Next button.

Begin Application

5. A verification code will be sent to the business email entered. Enter the code in the Verification Code field [1]. If you want the code to send to your email address again, click the Resend code link [2].

Business Information Page

In the Business information page, enter details about your business. Learn more about the business information required for the application.

  1. Enter your legal business name [1], preferred name [2], and business website URL [3]. If you do not have a business website, click the I do not have a business website checkbox [4].

  2. Enter your business’ tax ID number or EIN number [5].

  3. In the Ownership drop-down menu, select the ownership option that best describes your business [6].

  4. In the Formation Date field, enter the date your business was created [7].

  5. Enter the physical address for your business [8]. If your mailing address is the same, click the Mailing address is the same as the physical address checkbox [9]. If the addresses are different, enter your mailing address.

Enter Business Information

6. Add the personal information of the person who will be the administrator of your Divvy account. This is the person who will manage your account if you are approved for a Divvy credit line.

7. Enter the administrator’s first name [1], last name [2], email address [3], and phone number [4].

Admin Information

8. To save your application to complete at a later time, click the Save and Exit link [1]. To return to a previous page, click the Previous link [2]. To continue to the next page, click the Next button [3].

9. To invite a collaborator to your application, click the Invite a collaborator link [4].

Application Options

Financial Information Page

On the Financial Information page, we ask that you provide relevant financial details about your business and connect your bank account. Connecting a bank account allows us to verify your bank and view your financial information as part of the credit approval process. Learn more about the financial information required in the application.

  1. Enter the annual revenue amount for your business [1] and your desired line of credit [2].

  2. To add your banking information, you can either connect your account by clicking the Connect My Business Bank Account button [3] or by entering your information manually [4].

  3. If you have an outsourced account, click the Outsourced Accountant drop-down menu and select the Yes option [3]. Then enter the accountant’s name and email address.

Financial Information

4. Click the Next button.

Rewards & Billing Cycle Page

On the Rewards & Billing Cycle page, you select how often your balance will be due on your Divvy account. Learn more about payments and billing. This also determines the rewards multipliers you earn on Divvy transactions. Learn more about Divvy Rewards.

  1. To select weekly billing and rewards, click the Weekly option [1]. To select bi-weekly billing and rewards, click the Twice a month option [2]. To select monthly billing and rewards, click the Monthly option [3].

Rewards & Billing Cycle

2. Click the Next button.

Authorized Signer Page

On the Authorized Signer Page, we ask you to enter the personal information of the authorized signer of the application. If you are not the Authorized Signer, you will be able to fill in the information and an email will automatically be sent inviting the Authorized Signer to complete the application. The authorized signer is either a proprietor, general partner, or officer of the business with the authority to enter into the agreement.

  1. Enter the authorized signer’s first name [1], last name [2], title [3], date of birth [4], work email address [5], and mobile phone number [6].

  2. Enter the authorized signer’s residential address [7]. If the signer has a non-U.S. address, click the I have a non US address checkbox [8].

  3. Enter the authorized signer’s Social Security number [9]. If the signer does not have a Social Security number, click the Non US citizen and does not have SSN checkbox [10]. Then enter the signer’s passport number and issuing country.

Authorized Signer Information

4. Click the Next button.

Company Owners Page

On the Company Owners page, we ask you to list anyone who owns at least 25% of your company. Learn more about the information required for company owners.

  1. If you have a company owner or owners, click the Do You Have a Company Owner? Drop-down menu and select the Yes option [1].

  2. To add your authorized signer as a company owner, click the Autofill as Company Owner checkbox [2].

  3. To add a new company owner, click the Add button [3].

Company Owners

4. Enter the company owner’s first name [1], last name [2], address [3], mobile phone number [4], work email address [5], date of birth [6], and social security number [7].

5. Click the Save button [8].

Owner Information

6. After you have added all company owners, click the Next button.

Review & Sign Page

  1. Review all the information entered in your application [1].

  2. Agree to the terms and conditions of the application [2].

  3. If you are the authorized signer, click the Submit button [3]. If you are not the authorized signer, the button displays as Send to Signer.

Review & Sign

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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