Once you have set up your QuickBooks Desktop integration and configured your integration in Divvy, your Divvy transactions can be staged to be included in the next sync. Every hour, transactions from the past seven days are automatically staged to be included in the next sync. However, you can manually stage transactions that were made more than seven days ago or have yet to be automatically synced. This entails selecting transactions from the Transactions page and designating them as part of the next sync.

Web Browser

  1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, click the Transactions link

Open Transactions

2. Click the checkboxes for all the transactions you want to include in the next sync [1]. To select all transactions, click the checkbox at the top of the column [2]. Any transactions that have already been synced are indicated by the Checkmark icon [3].

Select Transactions

3. Click the Bulk Actions button [1] and select the Stage transactions for sync option [2].

Stage Transactions for Sync

4. After you have staged the transactions for the sync in Divvy, you can run the sync using the Sync Dashboard.

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