As an admin, you can email a PDF report of your Insights page to another Divvy user in your company. The PDF report includes spending data filtered to the dates you have selected on the Insights page.

Web Browser

  1. To view the Insights page on a web browser, click the Company link in the Navigation Menu [1]. Then click the Insights link [2].

Open Insights - Web

2. Add any filters you want to apply to the email report [1]. Learn more about viewing and filtering the Insights page.

3. Click the Share button [2].

Filter and Share Button

4. In the User drop-down menu, enter the name of the user(s) who you want to receive the report [1]. When the names display, click the user(s) you want to add [2].

Select Users

5. View the names of the users you have selected [1]. To remove a user, click the Remove icon [2].

6. To add a message with the report, enter the message in the Message field [3].

7. To send the report, click the Send button [4].

Send Report

8. Your selected recipients will receive an email that includes the date range selected for the report [1], your message (if applicable) [2], and an attachment of the Insights report.

View Email

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