In order for the Bill Sync Dashboard to work optimally, it is important to use the most recent version. This article describes how to check the version number and update the Sync Dashboard.

In order to update the Sync Dashboard, you must install the Sync Dashboard again, which will detect and remove the older version. The Sync Dashboard needs to be installed in the same location as your QuickBooks Desktop program.


  • The Sync Dashboard requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.6 to run properly. If you are using .NET framework 4.7 or later, you may need to manually enable version 4.6.

  • The Sync Dashboard is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2014 and later, but may still work with older versions.

  • If the Sync Dashboard is installed on a server, the steps in this article need to be completed by someone with administrative rights to that server.

Find Version Number

  1. Open the Sync Dashboard.

    View Dashboard Icon

    2. Click the About button.

Click About Button

3. The version number displays on the About page. As of October 2022, the current version is 3.1.00.

View Version Number

Update Dashboard

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop.

  2. Download the Bill Sync Dashboard.

  3. Open the EXE file downloaded in the previous step. It will detect the previous version.

  4. To remove the previous version, click the OK button.

Remove Previous Version

5. To confirm you want to remove the previous version, click the Yes button.

Remove Previous Version

6. To exit the uninstallation process, click the OK button.

Exit Uninstallation

7. In the Setup window, click the Next button.

Click Next Button

8. In the Destination Folder field, select the location to download the Sync Dashboard [1]. Then click the Install button [2].

Select Location and Install

9. Once the installation is complete, click the Finish button.

Finish Installation

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