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Advanced Setup

How can the user mark a transaction as Billable?

If the Customer/Job is selected, the transaction is automatically marked as billable in QuickBooks Desktop.

What is Right Network (RN)?

Right Network (RN) is a hosting service for QuickBooks Desktop, which allows customers to access QuickBooks Desktop from a remote server. Each laptop or server that hosts Right Network will need to have the latest version sync dashboard installed.

You cannot self-install RN on your devices. Contact Right Network for support with installation.

Sync Setup

Does the QuickBooks Desktop integration work for existing Bill customers?


Can I have multiple different desktops with one shared QBW file for one Divvy account?

Yes. You need to set up the Sync Dashboard on each machine separately. You can use the same Sync token for all machines

Can I have more than one Divvy account on the same device?

Yes, you will have to set up a profile for each Divvy account. You cannot have more than one account linked to a file or more than one file linked to one account. However, you can have the same file linked to the same account on multiple machines.

I have both Bill and Divvy accounts. How will this work?

You must add two profiles in the Sync Dashboard. Follow the steps for Bill and Divvy separately. Please use the latest version of the dashboard. Both accounts can use the same QBW file.

Sync Token

Where is my sync token located?

The sync token can be found in the Setup Tutorial in Divvy. To view, remove the integration and repeating the instructions. View this article for more information.

I lost my sync token. Can I get another one?

You can obtain a sync token in the Setup Tutorial by disconnecting the integration and repeating the setup steps. This is safe to do and doing so will not affect any existing sync profiles. View this article for more information.


The credit card and/or chart of accounts is not populating in Divvy. What should I do?

The credit card and chart of account only populate after the initial sync. You can re-attempt the sync by removing the integration and repeating the steps.

Not all chart of account options, customers, etc. are populating in Divvy. What should I do?

Divvy can only handle 999 Chart of Account options at a time. We are working on expanding that capacity and customizing it to make sure it doesn’t slow down the integration.

Where can I view troubleshooting steps for sync errors?

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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