If your Divvy account has a variable credit line, this article can help you understand how this type of credit line works and how you can confidently spend using Divvy with this type of credit line.

What is a variable credit line?

Variable credit lines contain a limit that may fluctuate based on the cash balance of the bank account(s) associated with that line of credit. When the balance of the associated bank account(s) changes, the variable credit line may increase or decrease accordingly.

At Divvy, we use a digital banking connection to review your account balance(s) and determine your appropriate limit and if changes need to be made to that limit.

Will I be notified if my credit line changes?

If your bank balance changes or your connection is interrupted, we will send you an email notification, so that you have the opportunity to respond before your credit line is adjusted.

How can I ensure that my credit line remains stable?

As a best practice, remember to check your bank account connection on a weekly basis to ensure your credit limit remains stable.

How can I qualify for a higher credit limit?

If your business has multiple bank accounts, you may want to consider connecting any additional bank accounts that have not already been added to Divvy.

Which types of bank accounts can be connected to a variable credit line?

Cash-based business accounts can be connected to your variable credit line. These accounts include savings, checking, or other depository accounts. Accounts that contain investments or business loans will not be considered when determining the limit of a variable credit line.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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