Divvy transactions can be made utilizing two different card types: member cards and vendor cards. Member cards can be physical or virtual, while vendor cards can only be virtual. View a comparison between virtual member cards and virtual vendor cards.

Member Cards

Member cards include the physical cards assigned to Divvy users or virtual cards users can create. The Divvy physical card can access any budget a user is assigned to, which is managed using the Divvy app. A virtual member card can only access funds from a single budget.

Divvy only supports creating a maximum of 100 member cards per budget. If you need more than 100 member cards, you need to either delete unused member cards tied to that budget or create a new budget and create additional cards from that budget.

Vendor Cards

Vendor cards are created by an administrator or budget owner; they are typically associated with a specific vendor. With vendor cards, you can set a limit to avoid being overcharged. If there is ever a problem with the vendor or if you experience fraud, you can easily cancel the card without affecting other vendors.

Vendor cards are sometimes mistakenly referred to as “virtual cards”, but you can have virtual user cards as well. Examples of how you might want to use vendor cards include:

  • Subscriptions and other recurring payments.

  • An “Accounts Payable” budget for vendor payments that are typically paid via ACH or Check.

Not all vendors will accept card payments, but many will. If you want help identifying who will accept Divvy, you can share a list of vendors and the amounts you pay with your Customer Success Manager (CSM). They can identify which vendors have been paid by Divvy before.

If you have more than $200,000 in monthly vendor payments, you qualify for our payment services. Our team can review your vendors to determine who will accept Divvy. Then they can fulfill payments on your behalf.

If you want to share a vendor list or learn more about payment services, please contact your CSM or send an email to [email protected].

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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