The Auditor role allows users to view information in several areas throughout Divvy, without the capability to change settings or manage data. This role is ideal for any user that needs access to review and audit information, but doesn't need the same approval or editing permissions that an admin or bookkeeper have.

Admins can assign the Auditor role by editing a person and selecting the Auditor option from the Role drop-down menu.

Select Auditor Role

Note: This article displays screenshots of viewing Divvy from a web browser. Similar functionality applies when viewing Divvy from the mobile app.


All spending in Divvy takes place in budgets. While overall budget limits and settings are managed by administrators, auditors can view budget details and spending information.

To find all budgets where you are assigned in a web browser, click the Budgets link in the Divvy Navigation Menu [1]. You can view active and retired budgets.

To search for a budget, enter the budget's name in the Search field [2]. To open a specific budget, click the name of the budget [3]. To export a list of all budgets, click the Export icon [4].

View Budgets

When viewing a budget on a web browser, the budget opens to the Budget Snapshot page. From the Budget Snapshot, you can view fund information for the entire budget [1] and individual cards and users [2]. The Snapshot also includes a list of transactions [3] and reimbursements within the budget [4].

To learn more about budgets, view our Budgets Overview article.

View Budget Snapshot


Auditors can view all people in their company within Divvy. To view all users, click the People link in the Divvy Navigation Menu [1].

The People page displays each user's name [2], email address [3], role [4], physical card status [5], membership status [6], number of budgets [7], and the date the user was added to your Divvy account [8]. To view additional information, click the name of a user [9].

View People


Auditors can also view reimbursement information for their account. To open the Reimbursements page, click the Reimbursements link in the Divvy Navigation Menu [1]. The Reimbursements page displays all reimbursement requests made in your company [2]. Learn more about reimbursements in Divvy.

As an auditor, you can filter and export information on the Reimbursements page [3].

View Reimbursements


Auditors have access to view and export their account's statements. Each statement contains important information like your payment due date, all transactions in the period, and any fees or adjustments on your account. Statements are available by the end of day on first day of each month.

To view statements, click the Company link in the Divvy Navigation Menu [1] and select the Statements link [2].

The Statements list displays the date range and balance for each statement [3]. To download a PDF of a statement, click the PDF icon [4].

Learn more about viewing and reading Divvy statements.

View Statements

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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